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Tortured Phoenix
A tortured soul who is rising from the ashes
This journal is friends only. Fic and Graphics will be posted… 
13th-Aug-2012 09:47 pm - [sticky post]
Gymnastics - Aly Raisman - Fly

This journal is friends only.

Fic and Graphics will be posted publicly, so please feel free to friend me if you want to see what I'm up to.  My personal life is very turbulant and will be posted as friends only, so you don't need to friend me for fandom stuff, just the personal stuff.

If you have friended me or followed me on twitter and I haven’t friended/followed you back it isn’t because I don’t like you or don’t want to be friends.  To use an old cliché, it’s not you, its me.  It’s just I was burned pretty badly by fandom, I walked away from communities and friends that meant a lot to me and although I’m happier for the decisions I made and I would do pretty much everything again, it does mean that I’ve kinda crawled into my shell and am doing everything I can to protect myself.  Unfortunately, that includes keeping my LJ and Twitter friends to only those I know really well and I trust completely.  I know its stupid, but I’m not really completely rational about this stuff.  If you want to be friends just stick around.  The more we interact, the more I’ll feel comfortable with you, get over my insecurities and friend/follow you back.  It’ll just take some time.
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